The disappointment was almost as great as when I’d got the result of that God-forsaken Entry Test…but the crucial difference that made it all the more frustrating was that I hadn’t prepared for the test…but the substage I was more than ready to give.
Having gone through all the topics with PB only a day before and spending more than 6 hours straight pouring over B.D., KLM and whatnot…I had no idea at all that what awaited me was “Beta! Aap B.D. se rattaay lagaani ki bajaaye Last se parh kar aya karein…”
I mean honestly, two in a row? Ironically the last substage was with the same sir, who came as late as he could manage and spent more time cross-questioning me about THI, Doctor’s Hospital and Rabwah. He said he’d heard how they had the best cardiologists there….i mentioned General Noori. He said he had some heart problems and the General had come highly recommended so he’d be paying a visit…I said he was more than welcome any time….
He asked about dad…I said he could have all the Sevo-fllourane, Iso-flourane, Propofol, Ketamine and  Thiopentone Sodium whenever he wanted….told him that anesthesia was invented by a dentist….hah…And so on and so forth….till he managed at last to ask me about Fascia Colli, SCM and the cervical plexus…..and that’s it.
Cut to me feeling very Jubilant and satisfied and thinking it had all gone very well to looking at the DH notice board an hour later and going….WTF!
Someone was absent that day so PB’s doubting the wisdom of his words :s


Haris Ghole said...

beware of the green-eyed monsters..! :)
substages are for clearin them, and thats it... anything else does not matter... not to SANE ppl atleast... then again.. u have a jolly company dont you ;)

SaJ said...

yeah sure....quite jolly:0

H.G said...

green-eyed monsters... :p
google it...!!!
that was the main punch line..