sometimes i say the wrong thing at the right time, but the thing remains that the then wrong thing is such that had i said the right thing then it would have been wrong not to say the wrong thing instead. But does that make it the right thing?
Get it?

Head & Neck...Dissection.

The first cervical vertebra is called Atlas because it supports the head as the Greek God Atlas supported the heavens on his shoulder.Quick death from hanging occurs when the transverse ligament of atlas snaps and the dens brushes the lower medulla and the adjacent spinal cord.


We disturbed the maggots,
they were havin' a feast
ov the old man's brain
or what was left indeed.

We hacked, we sawed, we thumped, we 'ammered
and broke into his vault of memories

it had all turned to mush, we held our noses,
we couldn't bear to breath.
there was nothing to study but we did learn this,
if we didn't this was were we would be...

actually we did none of those things.....
but it may not have been an old man after all.....
its strange when knowing something you didn't before gives entirely new meaning to conservations, writings, attitudes and behaviors. things you dismissed at the time as being mere jargon come back and slap you in the face.....stupid! stupid! what were you thinking?
But that is neither here nor you see me caring?

Absolute Power?

Am i jealous? A bit....but who's not. They all know its more of a publicity stunt anyway... The whole class is practically begging him not to.....the girls that is...they just love an issue to haggle their pretty little heads over....
The boys don't really care that much. If he goes, another one comes up....Why are they so bent on him then?
True he seems the most religious, and he does have the administrative qualities and skills required for the post, but that doesn't mean there aren't others. And they're already lined up....waiting like a tiger ready to pounce....

First we have the Prince.....He's smart...he's lean....but he's no woman's dream......he's certainly got all the connections in the right places....and he's more than capable of handling the everyday snags and hitches...but there is the minor set back of him coming packaged with a host of other junior c.r.s' and the thing remains.....wouldn't he be corrupted from the absolute power?

Then there is Bond. Whose name's Bond. Just why all the hostilites have been in his favour straight from the start is a mystery to many.......but he has the guts for the job and is advancing rapidly with his diplomacy.....Not at all a bad option....but who's to say he mightn't just curb under the

Though they won't admit it in a million years, there are always those fallen stars aspiring to be the one who get the double scoop and the free coupons and don't mind the responsibility as well......and they're not pretty happy about the whole situation.... labeling it all as "politics" and "show-sha" that some people just can't live without.
I'm going over to sit on their bench.

He wishes for the cloths of heaven.....

Had I the heaven’s embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.


This challenge has me scared to my bones...? Never.

excuse me! but no.... i don't feel like bantering around with someone i've never even talked to in real life....whose response i’ve utterly no idea will be like....and it doesn’t help when they’ve already made it to the list of people with gauche interactions that weren’t followed up or supposed to be…so no....I’ll stay right where I am thank you…till there is some...? And the not heartening either.

Strange Clouds.....

I watched the fields flash past. Bronze, straw coloured rectangles……some bare, some sprinkled with the odd cattle….others with boundaries of tall yews….alternating with the rich, murky brown of the freshly tilled land……the smooth khaki of the dry areas in between.
The mud houses….adorned with mud cakes…the wooden ploughs, carts…the water gushing from the tube well….goats  skipping around merrily….cows swooshing off flies with their tails…the oxen trudging steadily through the fields…the farmer wiping his brow…his coven carrying baskets on their heads….the corn ripe and ready to be picked….
I leaned my face against the pleasantly warm pane of the window….the rest of me comfortably cool. I could look on forever at the sights whizzing past me…
I looked at the sky. It was clear except for a single huge tuft that looked like a small boat pulling a large clam shaped, mushroom cloud in its wake…with a wide halo on its top…that seemed to be spinning round and  round…
And that left my thoughts in a whirl…….

o boy...

This was found on the notepad thingy in the sidebar…..
What can I say….they get their inspiration from me….;)
We’ll call them the Marister and the Nabster….!

What to say????

idont know,,,,,,..

Uh! Who asked YOU?????

the napster did duface...............:-)

One YOU are the napster & Two Wrong spelling of you-know-what,

shut up your big face becasue you are the for ever more the DUFACE ov ze house

I swear I am such a good influence on you ,see even you're English is improving with me around.Ha Ha Ha you just cant beat the Periendogen, Nabster boy.

oh really you .....................want me to say somethin bad marister girl  and what do you about my english eh ya trin to be the boss ov me Get lost with you get real ,get agrip ,get a LIFE  :-) you cant even make a simileee

One i so have a life since i'm alive Duh!!!and two i know all about your english since you are my baby brother and i can so make a smiley!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-):-P:-o HAPPY??????? dork boy?

oi dont mess with me  because your just a baby

and i told you your an idiot

Just smile and wave…..!


The disappointment was almost as great as when I’d got the result of that God-forsaken Entry Test…but the crucial difference that made it all the more frustrating was that I hadn’t prepared for the test…but the substage I was more than ready to give.
Having gone through all the topics with PB only a day before and spending more than 6 hours straight pouring over B.D., KLM and whatnot…I had no idea at all that what awaited me was “Beta! Aap B.D. se rattaay lagaani ki bajaaye Last se parh kar aya karein…”
I mean honestly, two in a row? Ironically the last substage was with the same sir, who came as late as he could manage and spent more time cross-questioning me about THI, Doctor’s Hospital and Rabwah. He said he’d heard how they had the best cardiologists there….i mentioned General Noori. He said he had some heart problems and the General had come highly recommended so he’d be paying a visit…I said he was more than welcome any time….
He asked about dad…I said he could have all the Sevo-fllourane, Iso-flourane, Propofol, Ketamine and  Thiopentone Sodium whenever he wanted….told him that anesthesia was invented by a dentist….hah…And so on and so forth….till he managed at last to ask me about Fascia Colli, SCM and the cervical plexus…..and that’s it.
Cut to me feeling very Jubilant and satisfied and thinking it had all gone very well to looking at the DH notice board an hour later and going….WTF!
Someone was absent that day so PB’s doubting the wisdom of his words :s

O and some people seem to think that everything i write on my blogs is in fact...true.
FYI dudes...sometimes or rather most, i get a wee bit carried h.f. so explicitly explained...i'd rather not. Who knows what people might read into things...
aaaand....found a new link today that proves i've been right alllllllll along. There.
DM, looking over my shoulder:
"...and i want an official apology..."
Me...meekly: "...okay."

As Always

apparently its quite impossible to hold the substage the day its meant to be...
i mean why day's not gonna change much...
but still, who's complaining :D
and i get to go to the video show thingy!
which beats being grilled about stringy muscles and vessels any day.

The Princess, Her Prince and an Ounce of Stupidity

or perhaps a bit more than an ounce...

It was only after re-reading the day's texts as i lay in bed after giving up on understanding the triangles of neck that had been so avidly described by Dr. Fossa in his boooring lectures....

And it seemed that i had misinterpreted the meaning of a kind of accusation and instead had shared secrets that would better be kept....well....well hidden.

As usual, my guide in matters such as these is DM so it was to him my next call was.
DM picked up on the first ring and asked me to call back as he was in the loo.
Undeterred, i urged him of the delicacy of the matter but was unfeelingly put on hold.
When he did reply it was after a certain amount of cursing and profanities to his benefit which had he heard, probably would have all been written down, as he says..."for future use".

"What would be the natural response of a girl when you unknowingly shared a piece of information that you mistakenly understood to be what she was asking for in the first place, not withstanding the consequences it would have on the said matter to which the information pertained to in the first place; if a) she already knew of the matter or b) if she was as ignorant of it as i am of ant. triangles of neck or c) if she had just heard rumours about it?"

The low grunting noise DM made in response was quite disturbing and could have easily been misunderstood for a recurrence of his earlier involvements; nevertheless it was not a second later that he was ready with his answer.

"The response of course could be calculated by judging a variety of both internal and external environmental variables whose presence as unknown to me cannot be of any particular use in recapitulating the scene in my mind whose importance in answering your question is as pivotal as the latest theory put forward by the theologians to explore the nature of divinity without reference to tradition that promises to........"

"Aargh! Okay...its about the princess."

"Elementary! Now that, my friend would have been the cue for my overactive brain to dwelve into the depths of your problem before i started on topics that obviously are much too complicated for your infinitesimal brain to comprehend had you only mentioned it alongside your neatly framed query regarding the........."

"Just answer the question man!"

"I was indeed getting to it.
And the answer is no. She was as wholly oblivious of the fact that you are so cleverly trying not to put in words that her curosity was at once spiked and after conferring with one of her friends she discarded the knowledge as of no value to her other than to use in one of her batterings with the mastermind."

"That's it? An unusually short answer from a person of your caliber...."

I seemed to have a touched a nerve for the sudden silence that ensued was emptier than a banker's heart.

"Don't be ridiculous. I was merely struck suddenly by the aftereffects of the whole situation that you have so clearly messed up and which i now see reflected in your manner that bother me and i can't help pondering over the fact that you chose to leave the matter unattended by my expert advice when i was right there all the time...."

Disregarding the accusation i followed up.
"And what would you advise in such a situation?"

"I would say, As you were......"

And to counter.........

If there's one thing I learned is that there would be no gossip without secrets. might be brave enough to reveal your secret only to have it used against you. ...or someone else's secret might affect you in unexpected ways. ...there are some secrets you're only too happy to keep. ...others surface, only to be buried away deeper than they were before. ...but the most powerful secrets are the truths you thought you could never reveal......but once spoken, change everything. But don't worry, B, the brightest stars burn out the fastest, or at least that's what I heard. Waiting for a star to fall.
x o x o.
Gossip Girl
Stumbled across this group and found the facts very amusing and borrowed them with the hope the admins won't mind.
Haven't joined cause we only spent the holidays at Nana Abu's there.....but it was enough for the association.;)

You know you're from Islamabad when...
1) you go everywhere for a vacation but you'd still rather stay in Islamabad
2) you think you're better than everyone else in the country because you're cleaner
3) you think that going from f-6 to f-11 is really far because it takes 20 mins
4) you think that its really far yet you make the journey as many times as needed everyday
5) traffic jams rarely mean something to you
6) you open the window of your car without fear of fumes
7) you know that rawalpindi and islamabad are not the same city...or even vaguely related
8) your main gate is never closed and your main door is rarely locked
9) you look at margalla hills and know that you arent lost
10) you forget how clean your city is until someone from lahore or Karachi comes and points it out
11) you forget how green your city is until someone from lahore or karachi comes and points it out
12) you meet a random stranger and you find common friends within 5 minutes
13) you can't go anywhere without meeting someone you know
14) you know everyone your age and their histories
15) the guys at shaheen, shams, united bakery, mc donalds and other random stores know you by face
16) you've been to all the restaurants in islamabad and know most of their menus by heart especially papasallis where u decide what u want to eat before you actually get there
17) you go to pir sohawa all the time and you never get bored
18) you get all your shampoos/cosmetics from shaheen/moeens/d. watson
19) you jumped up and down the day pizza hut/kfc/mc donalds opened in your city
20) you used to go to marriot more than once a month for no apparent reason
21) you have islamabad club membership and die of shock when you find someone who doesnt
22) you think you're better than that someone who doesnt have islamabad club memebership
23) you go to karachi and you think it smells fishy
24) you go to lahore and you think its way too hot
25) you buy all your stationary from durrani
26) you've been to margalla motel to give your papers
27) you whine when you find out that margalla motel is not your centre
28) you buy all your movies/cds/gift items from haroons and illusions
29) you know they rip you off and you complain every time but you still end up going there
30) you know all the places and what kinda people go there at what time
31) you have a friend/relative in almost every street of islamabad
32) you think its perfectly normal to have a 4 km park in the middle of the city
33) you see the same cars every morning when going to school/work
34) you practically live in jinnah
35) you practically live for the 'gandey' waley chips from jinnah and dont like any other chips no matter how good they are
36) you've attended atleast one class in asas/kp
37) you were born and bred in this city and sometimes hate it but would never insult it publicaly
38) you would go to munchies for chaat/gol gappas/ other things and loved it because it was the best in town
39) you use to go to yummy 36 for ice cream because that was the only ice cream parlour in town
40) you ditched yummy 36 for hot spot when it opened up because it served amazing ice cream
41) you still love hot spot eventhough you dont like the people who go there
42) you're proud of the fact that hot spot opened in islamabad first then in lahore and karachi
43) you know how and when hot spot opened
44) you hated it when it shifted to king's arcade for a little while
45) you go to hot shots for bowling
46) you used to go to sogo 2000 for burgers because that was the only burger joint in the city and have celebrated many birthdays there
47) two words: Japanese park
48) you remember going to covered market (before it was demolished) and the seat in the centre of the market
49) you remember black beard, before it was renamed captain cook, and heaven's fast food
50) you've been to faisal masjid more than once for a field trip
51) you used to get all your movies and cassettes from radio city and you used to rent your movies from videocon/sunny videos
52) you've watched many movies including titianic in nafdec and are actually sad it was closed
53) you discussed the burning down of the melody cinema for many days and were very angry at the people who did it
54) you didnt like the fact that they cleared one of the most beautiful green belts in islmabad to make the 7th avenue
55) you wish it would go back to being the 'old' islamabad and you still talk abt the old days with your friends
56) you know for a fact that sam burger was and is the best burger place that ever existed.

"If you want to learn etiquette, learn it from the Islamabadis."
This was said by the Indian High Commissioner based in Pakistan and was quoted in a beautiful article written by an Indian journalist.
I thought it was important that I highlight this fact=) 

Saw a Lemon tree....

I'm sitting here in the boring room
It's just another rainy Sunday afternoon
I'm wasting my time
I got nothing to do
I'm hanging around
I'm waiting for you
But nothing ever happens and I wonder