The season of rejuvenation and rebirth, greeneryflowersmosquitoes & lizards coming out of hidey holes.

The familiar ways that take you back home. The first glimpse of your house from far away. The hugs and kisses by your family. The first couple of days when no one orders you around. The tales you enjoy telling everyone.

Catching up with family and friends over, and I finally got the chance to relax a bit, hang out with friends, update my playlist, to watch the long list of movies that had been building up since January.

And of course, Facebook is one thing we daren’t miss even in the holidays; rather we’re more hooked to it than ever. The holiday spirit was blooming with the Sports Day looming ahead, there was plenty to talk about and comment…. (With the birthdays and all)….. and then the sharing of photos from the big day… (Alien anyone?)...But one’s thing for sure; the C.R.’s blood would’ve boiled had he seen the 1st April posts…..!

And even the luddites seemed to have taken the leap of faith and come out of their shells…………straight online.

More recently however, anybody notice a shuffling of the admins? Some things are certainly hard to hide. And a disgruntled administrator is one of them. Brew some Love potion no. 898! It’s not too late to apologize…….And to some lost comrades: it’s been long enough…..you can come back now…….

As we quickly run out of holidays, things are fast beginning to change. And she’s right; a time machine would be nice….My family seems to have grown tired of me already,  I’ve finally compelled myself to hunt out the books I so mercilessly tossed aside a fortnight ago (damn that sub-stage and physio test!), but as I prepared to say good bye to Facebook for a while, something kept dragging me back…..

And when my parents had just about enough of me surfing those navy blue margined pages, my excuse was already made:
“But Mom! I’m copying the syllabus of the sub-stage!”

10 days of freedom. That’s all we want………….every month.

*back to the grind*

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