i want to drain my mind of every last thread of thought that keeps worrying me. its like my head is filled with a buzzing so loud, its drowning out what everyone else's saying. i try to force it out. i screw up my eyes and force every iota of my being into ousting those terrible moments, not figments of my imagination, but of the real actual, stupid, cruel world that seem to be eating me up alive. somehow i can't even get halfaway up there. it's like a stubborn horse that wont yield. like a stalled car that won't start. like a solid door that won't budge. and that renders me helpless and with no other escape than to bang my head against the table----*thud*


Anonymous said...

" i honestly dont care "

Anonymous said...

no one's expecting ya to.

Tazeen said...

Wait. That table's mine.

*Pushes you away and bangs her own head on table*