Went to a wedding today. Mom broke her heel just after arriving so I doubled back and brought another pair for her, thus missing the reception.
The bros were all there. Wedding was of a senior’s sister who’s just passed final year KE.
Met a few people from Multan whom I stayed with when I was there last year.
I had nearly eaten when Dad whisked me off to a case.
Small boy. 6-7 yrs. Lacerated his tongue. Dunno how it happened. From the tip to Ant. Half. Plus his right maxillary central incisor was kinda bent backwards into his palate. Bled profusely they said.
Gave him the anesthetic. Observed. Saw the stitches.
Then there was a GSW. Right hand, so can’t describe anatomically. It was very gross….! Hypothenar Region damaged, He’ll probably get hand of benediction, sis says. No idea what that is.
Getting scrubbed up is ridiculous. Remove everything you’re wearing and then put on loose baggy scrubs.
I timed myself. 28 sec. Too slow, dad said.

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