Awake all Night....

I get 3 missed calls every night from a person who calls exactly at 3:33 am.
As i'm not exactly a light sleeper, these things don't bother me.
He might as well be winking at me and i couldn't care less.

But the cascade of fifty or sixty texts that usually follow - yup. They usually do.

So one day I decided to confront this night watcher and called answer.
There was only one other way of dealing with this.

The next day found me asleep all day; to stay awake all night. (not an uncommon practice)

22:00 hrs I woke up.
23:00 hrs I got out of bed.
00:00 hrs Had a bath.
01:00 hrs Started feeling hungry.
02:00 hrs Ate 3 packs of crisps.
03:00 hrs Smoked some weed.
03:30 hrs Took up my phone.
03:31 hrs Gripped it ever so tightly.
03:32 hrs Flexed my fingers.
03:33 hrs Sucked my breath in. This is it.

And so came the call.

I wasn't going to break it. I just listened.

Half a minute later.

"Bhai jan! Raat ko uth kar Khuda say maaanga karien."

I have yet to discover who it was.

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