So we tapped on our nieghbour's walls (a very effective way of communication) - but apparently they were too busy sleeping to respond to our SOS.
We called up anyone and everyone we could think of - but no one seemed willing to wake from their peaceful slumber and come to our rescue.
I think it's worth mentioning that this was after midnight.
And our room had been locked from outside by a daredevil. Plus AMT was in it.

The end's not interesting so i'll skip it.

Awake all Night....

I get 3 missed calls every night from a person who calls exactly at 3:33 am.
As i'm not exactly a light sleeper, these things don't bother me.
He might as well be winking at me and i couldn't care less.

But the cascade of fifty or sixty texts that usually follow - yup. They usually do.

So one day I decided to confront this night watcher and called answer.
There was only one other way of dealing with this.

The next day found me asleep all day; to stay awake all night. (not an uncommon practice)

22:00 hrs I woke up.
23:00 hrs I got out of bed.
00:00 hrs Had a bath.
01:00 hrs Started feeling hungry.
02:00 hrs Ate 3 packs of crisps.
03:00 hrs Smoked some weed.
03:30 hrs Took up my phone.
03:31 hrs Gripped it ever so tightly.
03:32 hrs Flexed my fingers.
03:33 hrs Sucked my breath in. This is it.

And so came the call.

I wasn't going to break it. I just listened.

Half a minute later.

"Bhai jan! Raat ko uth kar Khuda say maaanga karien."

I have yet to discover who it was.

Mocha Locha

It's only fair that you defend yourself when you're attacked.
And that doesn't necessarily entail that your judgement has been true.
but when the moment comes,
You just shut the hell up and play it right.

*Goes for a long drive*


Brimming with thoughts.
That's what my head was last night with posts.

During the 3 hour long power outage last night, i wrote and wrote and wrote.
But the mosquitos sucked me dry.

Suppose it's the blogger blues.

Catch Me If U Can

I remember when we used to play hide and seek as kids.

Our school was so huge that it wasn't a matter of searching everywhere you could till you dropped down dead tired; rather you had to think along the lines of the person you were seeking. You had to tune in to his thoughts and discover the places he would have thought Impermeable...Unplottable....Unfindable.
And mostly it worked.

But not here.

So it was with a throbbing head that I set out in search of the biochem lecture( i'd crashed headlong into the locked lecture theatre doors) when the nice person who so cleverly pushes the buttons when we're plunged into darkness every morning helped me up and said something about a new venue….

Fast forward three quarters of an hour later. I had probably walked the whole of the University grounds and blocks five times and there seemed to be no sign of the class. Part of me was glad of the undeserved break from studying pointless reactions about Acetyl-CoA and whatever acids you considered essential or not...(Linoleic was it?)...

But there was the question of attendance that was definitely more important and annoyingly enough, no one was answering their phones.

Fast forward 10 more minutes and for the lack of anything better to do (other than dodging pigeon crap!) this post began to form in my mind as I waited out my OUTstanding break. And I couldn't help thinking that somehow I had landed in a very technologically backward era.
While my friends go to colleges where they swipe their RFID tags as they enter the premises and get statuses and updates by email and facebook, we’re supposed to rely on directions from the staff that somehow leave you feeling more lost than before....

Me thinks it was Sir’s ploy to shake the latecomers….hahaha. As if.

But remebering Laura Castellano’s golden words in Erich Segal’s ‘Doctors’, “Who said anything about hating it?”

P.S. I stole the last line from another blog…..:-)

"All of it is already in the Quran, you fool.”

It is.
But its waiting to be discovered and utilized.
Dr. Salam Sb. used to listen to The Quran in the background while he worked on his theories.
Think it helped him?

From The Quran, we will never have learned enough.

Yeah right!

Read most of the blogs i delligently added today and found out that people can be very stupid.

Sometimes i feel that living as i am, i ought to die sooner.

Wish it weren't so;

A friend asked me if he should go for MBBS or stay in BDS.
I told him to stay.
He asked me to elaborate.
I told him all the usual stuff that everybody had told me a thousand times before.
Just to console me or cause they were true?
Both, I think.

Now i'm confused. MBBS seems better.

And so....

Today was depressing.
Spent all my free time in Kemcaana adding blogs to my google reader.
I have more than 200 unread items now.
Wish me luck.

Me too....

I tried to be not so sweet that I would be eaten whole, and not so bitter that I would be spat out.